Dekel Vilnai junior high school

School Vision

Personal Growth


Jewish Spirit

Social Conscience 

School Mission

Dekel Vilnai is committed to provide a supportive and challenging environment that will encourage growth, promote personal excellence and inspire students to become leaders and build a strong community in our society.

Dekel Vilnai will inspire students to develop a curiosity for creativity, a passion for learning and encourage them to bloom, and broaden their horizons to seek and achieve personal growth and expression.

The school community will maintain a healthy, safe and respectful environment and provide a sense of belonging and a warm attitude to each and every person.

Dekel Vilnai will cultivate and promote the values of democracy,  love of man,  people and the land and strive to deepen  an  affinity for the State of Israel and Jewish heritage


Excellence, Leadership, Respect of Others, Sense of Belonging

Our Pledge: